Early Mornings at Champions Kickboxing

CK Fit Class

Monday mornings are tough after a long weekend. We want to see you conquer your new work with the right way. Join us Monday, Wednesday, Friday for a 7:00AM Ck fit class.

Ck Fit Class:

CK Fit is a boot camp style workout. It is fast paced and tough. Classes will include circuit training, cardio, body weight workouts, and weight lifting. Each class will be different so don’t expect to see the same workout two days in a row. Our focus in CK Fit is to help build your overall athleticism. We’ll provide a full body, fun workout.

Coach: Kara Hanover-Martin

What To Bring: Athletic Comfortable Wear, hand wraps, bare feet or socks.


CK Fit Class

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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