Kickboxing & Boxing Cardio classes with Justin Lozada.

Kickboxing & Boxing Cardio

Our Kickboxing Cardio class is a Champions Kickboxing favorite. We’ll work both boxing and kickboxing combinations on the heavy bags including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. We’ll mix in basic body weight workouts like squats, pushups, and jumping jacks to ensure you get a great full body workout. Want a fighter’s body? Come check out a Kickboxing Cardio Class. You’ll burn lots of calories and tone your physique.

What To Bring: Athletic Wear, Sneakers or Bare Feet, Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves (wraps and gloves available on site).

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Amazing class today led by Justin! Every muscle in my body is sore - this class kicked my butt! Justin was a great instructor, he pushed us hard but was super positive the whole time. Despite my sore muscles, I’ll be back!
— Sara S.-Yelp Review

Every Mon-Fri

Kickboxing and Boxing Cardio Classes