CK Fit

CK Fit is a boot camp style workout. It is fast paced and tough. Classes will include circuit training, cardio, body weight workouts, and weight lifting. Each class will be different so don’t expect to see the same workout two days in a row. Our focus in CK Fit is to help build your overall athleticism. We’ll provide a full body, fun workout.

What To Bring: Athletic Comfortable Wear, hand wraps, bare feet or socks.


Kickboxing & Boxing Skills

If you want to learn the basics of fighting, this is the class for you. We’ll review proper fighting techniques—both how to throw elements and how to defend them. We’ll work on timing and reaction and give you a realistic and safe environment to practice. All levels are welcome, so come in and give it a try.

What To Bring: Athletic Wear, Bare Feet, Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards, and Mouthpiece (all available for purchase on site).